Oxford exhibitionism

church roof, Balliol archives facilityYesterday’s get-together of Oxford and Cambridge college librarians was a lot of fun for all involved. My personal highlights were hearing about a collaborative exhibition which showcased special collections across Oxford University, and visiting Balliol College’s amazing new archives facility in St Cross Church, Holywell.

Beyond the Work of One put treasures from Oxford college libraries on display in the Bodleian exhibition space in 2008. Christine Ferdinand (Magdalen College, Oxford) and Julia Walworth (Merton College, Oxford) explained that using the University Library allowed some colleges to display items that they normally did not have the resources to put on show. The only draw back to this collaborative venture was its legacy. The organisers did not have the energy to create an exhibition catalogue (although the content lives on the Bodleian website) and the exhibition was not promoted as much as it ideally might have been. Listening to the presentation, it seemed that, for an exhibition which was beyond the work of one, one or two more could have been recruited to take on the responsibility of promotion and legacy to make sure that as many people as possible could benefit from all the hard work which went into it.

As for the Balliol archives facility, the pictures speak for themselves…

 Book cases, Balliol archives facilityStained glass besige archives store, Balliol archives facilityThe Nave, Balliol archive facility

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