My dissertation (written for a Masters qualification in Library and Information Studies) aims to document, explore and understand the current nature and extent of community engagement in special collections in Cambridge University colleges.

It finds that college libraries’ special collections are impressive, extensive and various. The benefits of community engagement with them are substantial but adequate resources, including staff, space, pathways funding and partnerships, are necessary to facilitate it. Issues of resources, however, are surmountable given supportive attitudes. 

Download study as PDF


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  2. Andrew Green says:

    Hello Naomi

    Very interesting: many thanks. With Chris Banks of Aberdeen UL I’m leading a study for RLUK on the future of special collections in RLUK libraries. I wonder if you’d be interested in taking part in some capacity? (I can’t be more specific about what ‘capacity’ yet: the study’s in planning at present and will start this summer/autumn.)

    Andrew Green
    National Library of Wales

    • rarelysited says:

      Hello Andrew

      Thanks for getting in touch. I would be keen to help in any way I can with the RLUK study. There are a lot of librarians and others thinking individually about the future of special collections and some really good initiatives using special collections in research institutions all around the country. I think a study that joins up the dots to show the bigger picture would be really worthwhile. I’d love to be involved.


  3. Hello Naomi, thanks for putting the dissertation online! I look forward to reading it – such an important topic.

  4. fL2Rjtk0e says:

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